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Condoms & Hot Tubs Don’t Mix:
An Anthology of Awkward Sexcapades  

Sex in the real world isn’t as glamorous or tidy as romance novels or pornography frequently portray. Real, consensual sex is messy, silly, fun, and sometimes more than a little bit awkward. We want to hear your stories of untimely boners, shower-stall slip-and-falls, the police showing up at your post-prom romp in the park, and that college escapade where you realized condoms and hot tubs don’t mix.

We are looking for literary-quality work in all genres and mediums that reflects on and celebrates consensual sex between adults as a fallible act done by fallible people. We are particularly interested in works written by and/or featuring people of color, LGBTQ+ relationships (especially polyamory), and safe sex practices (such as use of condoms and dental dams, acquisition of consent, and solo sex). We’re happy to read works ranging from your most teasing vanilla romance to your most titillating hardcore BDSM kink.
However, we will not consider stories of non-consensual sex or any form of sexual abuse, such as pedophilia or rape.

Contributors will be given 2 contributor copies and be able to buy additional copies at a discounted rate.
All profits from this collection will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Essays will be selected and edited by Jennie Jarvis and Leslie Salas, and published in 2017.

Call for Submissions!


We are currently closed to general book submissions and only accepting manuscripts by invite or referral at present time.

Beating Windward Press produces 5 to 10 titles each year and our books reflect the individual tastes of our small staff. While our name is related to sailing, and we love a good sea tale, we are not a maritime press. When all is said and done, Beating Windward looks for writing with a distinct voice and perspective that will entertain our readers.

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